Kinder Kids Mindfulness Program

A modern mindfulness program for teachers to implement so students can strengthen their social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Watch your students have less meltdowns.

Notice them empathising more with their peers.

See their attention-span increase. Implement this contemporary approach to wellbeing and witness your classroom behaviour shift for the better.

Current Beyond Blue statistics show half of all lifelong mental health problems begin before the age of 14 which means our children need support early in their lives. Research shows that practicing mindfulness enables an ability to remain calm under pressure, process emotions, enhance self-esteem, develop a growth mindset, lengthen attention span, increase problem-solving skills, inspire creativity and build compassion for self and others. With 1 in 5 children experiencing mental health problems, practicing mindfulness at a young age is vital.

Take the guess work out of it.

Stop wasting your precious time on googling good mindfulness activities and implement this tried and tested program now.

Based on trauma-informed educational psychology and contemporary pedagogy while supporting all five outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework the Kinder Kids Mindfulness Program is a fun, colourful, child-led, inclusive, engaging and creative exploration for students to identify and recognise their own emotions and develop an independent mindfulness practice. 

Building on from week to week, the students are guided through four key pathways to experience mindfulness so they receive the short term benefits like feeling calm and relaxed and long term benefits like slowing their mind and body down before their feelings are overwhelming and out of control. 

You can choose the most appropriate program for your classroom needs. The five-week Kick-Starter helps your students develop their ability to practice mindfulness in a group setting, the eight-week Breakthrough supports them to continue with a group practice and start practicing mindfulness independently and the ten-week Superstar facilitates students to use their mindfulness practices in everyday situations like taking turns and sharing. You will have access to all three options; five weeks, eight weeks and ten weeks of jam-packed activities leaving your students wanting more.

What You Get

Five, Eight and Ten-Week Mindfulness Programs

Foundational Theory of Mindfulness and Practical Teaching Strategies

Visual Aids to Support an Independent Mindfulness Practice

Games, Songs, Stories and Activities for Students to Experience Mindfulness

Additional Mindfulness Resources Sent Directly to Your Classroom

Ten Engaging Breathing Techniques and a Meditation Audio for Children aged 3-5 years


We noticed such a calmness amongst the children.
Grace Gudykunst Early Childhood Educator, Creative Garden ELC
I loved the eagerness with which the students responded to the stories, songs, questions and games in the Program! Providing children with practical skills to help them to understand and regulate their emotions is something they can build on and carry through life!
Sally Hyett-Long Kindergarten Teacher, Kennington, VIC


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