Level Two Mindfulness in Early Childhood

Learn how to teach mindfulness to 3-5 year olds.

The Four Modules

Mindfulness and its Place in Early Childhood Education

The Key Pathways to Mindfulness for Young Children

Creating Optimal Learning Environments for Young Children

Lesson and Program Planning, Implementation and Reflections

Feel confident using a modern approach to teaching mindfulness to young learners.

Equip your students with a strong sense of resilience and focus before they reach school.

This easy-to-use and practical course is designed for teachers, coaches and educators to learn how to teach mindfulness to 3-5 year olds.

Supporting the Early Years Framework, deepen your understanding about mindfulness and why it is a critical skill for children to learn at a young age so they can strengthen their social wellbeing and regulate their own emotions. This course gives you the four key pathways for children to experience mindfulness and a range of practical ideas including songs, fun breathing techniques, sensory and mindful activities and teacher tips for you to use.

Level Two Mindfulness in Early Childhood covers emotional regulation, triggers, stress versus rest response, internal and external responses, processing emotions, independent and group mindfulness practice and more! Learn how to optimise your children's learning environment and tailor your own mindfulness programs so they are tailored to your individual students. 

Implement what you learn straight away.

Watch, read, ask and go!

Watch the videos, read the corresponding manual and have your questions answered so you know in practical terms, how to teach mindfulness in early childhood. 

Taught by qualified and experienced classroom teacher and mindfulness facilitator, Bronte Spicer, using evidence-based, trauma-informed, child-centred mindfulness practices and educational psychology, this course will leave you feeling inspired to create engaging mindfulness sessions and programs for stronger social and emotional wellbeing and emotional regulation in children.


The theory and explanations of scientific concepts were great. What really made it for me was the demonstrations of books, songs, examples, etc. I could really see and feel what you were talking about, beyond the theory. Brilliant!
Leah Lonsdale, Just Meditate. BT, Adv. Cert. Guiding & Teaching Meditation


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